Waffles and Coffee at Caffe Bene

Caffe Bene is another coffee chain in Seoul and they are popping up everywhere. They try to do gelato, waffles, coffee, and smoothies in a bookcafe atmosphere.
The smoothies are nothing special. I mean they're just ice, emulsifiers, fruit juice, and corn starch. meh.
They have free wifi and iMacs at every location.
The interior is great. It's got a antique and art gallery feel to the place. There are lots of books around on the shelves, but I don't think they are for reading.

The waffles...meh. Not my favorite waffle in town but they only cost 3,600 won (plain). I felt the waffle was too chewy and doughy. Maybe the oven hadn't heated up enough or something. I think it's something with the batter. I'll try it again, because it isn't awful, but you know.
I guess this is their company message.
Check them out. They are now everywhere.

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