Can you bake? Do you like comedy shows?

Hey there!

So if you answered "yes" to either of the questions in the subject line, then have I got a deal for you! As some of you already know, I am FINALLY leaving Korea next year and have been making plans for my next big adventure -- I will be participating in The Rickshaw Run in India with Carleen Krug (aka I Eat My Own Muffin) and two others as part of team Rickety Cricket.

The Rickshaw Run is a race, for charity, in a tin can, piece o' crap rickshaw from the southern tip of India all the way to the north -- 5,000 km or 3,100 miles in two weeks (April 17-May 1, 2011). Check out the site for more details:
We need to raise at least $1500 for the organization's charities of choice, which are located in India and Nepal. However, our team goal is to raise $10,000 or more! Anything that we raise over $1500 will go to a charity organization that we choose. The organization's two charities for the Spring 2011 race are: (International Rescue Corps)

In case you don't feel like clicking the link, they respond to natural and man made disasters...they're the people who mobilized in 24 hours to get to Haiti and extract people from the rubble right after the quake. (Social Change and Development)

Copied and pasted from their site: [Supports] over 300,000 people in two districts (Southern India) to free themselves from a life of grinding poverty and debt to one of hope and opportunity. [They] now work with 454 villages in three regions with different interventions like rural villages, rural education, community development, holistic health care, agricultural promotion, veterinary services, water management, environmental care, disaster management, emergency relief etc. In one village, they took school enrollment from 12-14% to nearly 98%. Good stuff happening.

I'm planning a fundraising comedy show/bake sale on Friday, June 18 at Roofers Rooftop Bar in Itaewon and am calling on my friends to see who'd be interested in helping to bake things to sell. I'd like to keep it somewhat simple with brownies, bars, cookies and things that don't require utensils, but if someone has a spectacular cake or pie recipe, then I'd definitely be down, lol. So, if you have a recipe or know a relative with a delicious recipe or two, then please help me out! Alternatively, if you are friends with bakery owners who would like to donate large ticket items like full-sized cakes or pies, please let me know and perhaps we can also hold a raffle!

Just Getting Started (Laura) and GI Hoe (Daigo) have already agreed that we can use their kitchens in Itaewon as a home base to bake the items, so if you do not have an oven, come on over for the baking party! We will get together a few days before the event to bake and package the items.

If you are able to either bake at your own home OR you're willing to bake at Just Getting Started or GI Hoe's place, please respond back to this message using the "REPLY ALL" function with your name and the following information so that everyone can see what items will be baked:

1. Baking Volunteer
    a. Will bake at your home - what will you bake?
    b. Will join the baking party - are you available on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday (June 14-17) around 7pm? [Please choose whichever dates/times you can attend and I will choose 1 or 2 dates with the largest attendance]

2. Sales Volunteer
    a. I will need at least 3 people (I think) to help me sell the items at Roofers on Friday, June 18 from 8pm until we sell out.
    b. If you are creative and can help me make a flier, please let me know.

Even if you are unable to bake anything, please tell others about the event and encourage them to attend. Also tell anyone else who I forgot to send this out to! A facebook event page will be sent out within the next day or two.

Since I have until March 2011 to raise money, I plan on organizing a few other fundraising events. If you have suggestions for events or would like to help with other events, please let me know!

Thank you so much,

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