Contemporary Korean Bar Food at Sujak in Sadang

Sujak over by Sadang Station Exit 6 (?) is a wonderful modern Korean bar. The food is flavorful and well prepared and the atmosphere is much classier than the hole in the wall places you see all over Korea.

Last Wednesday, YK and I went there to watch the Korea Vs Japan Soccer match. The place was perfect because they had a number of TVs and we could get a pitcher of beer, a bossam, kimchi, and tofu dish, and a chicken salad (it could have been good if it werent for the yogurt and honey mustard dressing- WHAT IS WITH KOREA'S OBSESSION WITH HONEY MUSTARD DRESSING!!!) for about 40,000 won. The tofu and bossam dish was delicious and they had two different kinds of kimchi-a new kimchi and an aged, sour kimchi.

Oh, and they start off your meal with 2 sunny side eggs sprinkled with salt. Yum.

The food was good, so was the atmosphere, and the best part was that Korea beat Japan in the match. AZA.

Sujak Restaurant
Sadang Station Exit 6? (Call them)

This is your brain. This is your brain on a hotplate sprinkled with salt.
Bossam, Tofu, and Kimchi
Bossam, Tofu, and Kimchi Again
YK watching the game
Chicken Salad
Korea wins!

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