Where have you eaten recently: Lunch at Indigo

In the last week, I've been revisiting the eateries in my area. Something I haven't done in a while. Most of the time, I've been running around to all the different parts of Seoul looking for these hidden little eateries- in search for the Holy Grail in a way. Most of these places have been quite disappointing.

On Friday, I went to Indigo in Haebangchon (down from Noksopyeong Exit 2). I had not been to Indigo for almost 6 months, but my friends wanted to meet there so I went.

I ordered the chicken sandwich and I think it had about 3 chicken breasts in there. The meat was a tad dry (it would have been awesome with a bit of lemon aioli or...cranberry sauce). I have to admit it wasn't a bad sandwich at all. My friend Jema got the omelet- also very big and it was shaped a bit like football. They baked the omelet in the oven (or is it the microwave) so it was puffed up like a blister. It was alright, but I prefer my omelets done correctly in a pan.

The best sandwich of the bunch was the salmon with cream cheese. The bagel was toasted so the cream cheese was a tad melted. The salmon was alright as well. It wasn't made in house, but it was good with the cream cheese and the salmon.

I'm glad I revisited Indigo. It was good food at a good price. Oh, and I didn't know so many of my friends go there. It's nice to run into old acquaintances- it's short of like my Cheers.

So where did you eat this weekend? Any place good? Leave a note in the comments.

Chicken Sandwich
Salmon Bagel
The Football-esque Omelet

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