Restaurant Horror Stories

Just curious. I've trashed some restaurants in my time and I feel like they deserved it. When I have a bad experience at a restaurant, I will tell the owners after- I feel that it's a chance for them to improve. Sometimes they take my advice, sometimes they don't.

Also, when people have bad experiences at restaurants I contact the owners and let them know, so your voice will be heard.

We as diners should let restaurants know of bad experiences so they can improve. If we explain it objectively, they should listen and not be offended.  Furthermore, the restaurant owners might not even be aware of issues because the staff wouldn't want to get in trouble over service or a complaint about food.

Here are some restaurants that I don't recommend:
Club Mow
Sunshine Kebab
All American Diner
Smokey's Saloon
Buddha's Belly
My Chelsea

Here are restaurants I recommended before, but don't anymore:
Corner Bistro (The burger has gotten too sloppy and way too heavily sauced)
Flying Pan Blue (Quality has gone done as they have gotten too busy)
H-Diner (They seem too concerned about food cost these days)

Not recommended by other people (Go to Comments):
Mary Jane
dear chocolate

Got a story you would like to add to the list? E-mail me at seouleats at gmail dot com or leave a comment below. If you would like to leave it anonymous, let me know and I'll leave that information out.

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