Where have you been eating lately? Any recommendations?

So another weekend done and done. I spent the weekend giving culinary tours and cooking classes, so I got the check out quite a few places to eat. I ate a ton of Korean food this weekend and I spent Sunday fasting. My stomach needed a break and it's what I used fast once a week in the past.

Oh, it's really not that bad and it really helps you appreciate food more. Anyway, I wanted to tell you some of the best plates that I've had recently, I would recommend you go get them yourself.

1. A Turkey Club Sandwich from Suji's Restaurant in Itaewon.

Oh, it's good that I think one day, that I'll write an ode about it. Look at all the luscious bits of turkey there. It's so good and they make the turkey and the bread in house. Yummmmmy.

2. The Vietnamese Rice Paper Wrap Sets at Rau Rau

I love Vietnamese food and this place has a vast array of vegetables to make your own Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls. We're talking argula, cilantro, peppers, sprouts, roasted pork belly, steamed chicken, sprouts, cabbage, apple slices, and even avocado. Very good and they even had good Pho to finish your meal. It costs 20,000 a person and it's located in the Seocho Acrovista Shopping Center. It's up from Gyodae (Seoul National University of Education; Line 3) exit 6.

3. The Russian Food at Gostiniy Dvor. It took a long time trying to find this place, but man was it worth it. The stuffed cabbage rolls were like meat grenades that exploded with porky goodness as the cabbage shrapnel disintegrated in your mouth. The vodka and beer are awesome as well- superb. The other standout dishes were the borscht and the cabbage stuffed dumplings. Go out exit 7 of Dongdaemun History and Culture Museum (Old maps say Dongdaemun Sports Complex); Subway lines 2,4,5. Go down the first alley and look for the above sign. It's worth it.

So....what did you eat this weekend? Leave us a comment and let us know.



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