Dakgalbi Cooking Class on Saturday June 26th

On June 26th we have a special cooking class for you, we will be learning how to make Dakgalbi at Korea House. The class starts at 4pm. They have an excellent, modern kitchen and they have been nice enough to allow us to have a cooking class there. The class will be taught by Chef Shawn Park (who was recently picked by Sassy as one of the top 10 handsomest men in Koreaㅋㅋㅋ and he was recently filmed by Food Network Asia). The class will be taught in English and it is open to Koreans and expats that would like to learn how to cook Korean food.

The menu will be:

Seasonal Banchan (Salad)
Chilled Cucumber Soup

Rice and drink (Makgeolli, soft drinks) will be provided.

The class will cost 55,000 (including VAT) won per person and this includes a tour of Korea House, Recipe Book, Lesson, and all food. and there are only 20 spots available. If you are interested, please contact Daniel Gray at seouleats@gmail.com or call at 010-6661-7769 to make your reservation.

Korea House is located near Chungmoro Station (Subway Line 3, and 4) exit 3.

Thank you,

O'ngo Food Communications

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