Gucci, Armani, Chanel Tent Restaurant

Sea Bream Sashimi
Not being able to find a restaurant is a good sign, that it is where the locals eat. It's also a good sign for they will not be dumbing down their flavors for tourists. I arrived at this restaurant pretty late at night after 2 other rounds of eating, so it's a blur about exactly where it is but I do recall it's near Sindang Station (Line 2, 6) around exit 9 or 10. You come out of the exit and walk up the road and make a right. It's on that street somewhere. I know if I walked back over there, I'd be able to find it- my stomach is a pretty good compass. Anyway, I picked up a flyer for the place but its for a Dakbal (Chicken Feet Restaurant) so it's near by there (02-2237-9906).

Even though the location is a blur, the food is not. We started out with some Sea Bream (Domi) Sashimi and I recall how well cut it was. Cutting fish is a skill and those who can do it well, can slice it swiftly enough to keep the meat turgid- not mushy. This woman had the skill for the slices of fish danced on our tongues.

Also, the lemon was a very nice touch for it brought out the flavor of the fish rather than masking it under faux-wasabi and soy sauce. The lemon sauce was nice, but their ssamjang was even better. Their dipping sauce was a perfect mixture of lemon juice, red chili paste, soybean paste, and fresh garlic. It was so good that I think I finished a whole portion of the sauce by myself.

Interior Shot

Seafood Salad (Hwae Muchim)

My favorite dish of the night (one of my favorites of all time) was their raw fish salad (회무침 Hwae Muchim). This salad had slices of raw fish in various crisp greens, cucumber, red cabbage, spicy green peppers, and red cabbage. It was dressed with a bit of sesame oil and topped with roasted soybean powder. The powder gave the dish a bit of subtle nuttiness. The simplicity of dish made it, accented the harmony of all the different elements of flavor.

To end our meal, the restaurant gave us stirfried fish-heads with green onions. I know. It doesn't sound good, but oh, did it taste good. I love picking out the meat from the jaws and the sauce had a bit of ginger and sesame and garlic. It definitely had some Chinese influences.

Oh, I recall that you could order the food according to your taste. If you order a dish Gucci that means spicy. Armani means Medium. Chanel means not spicy. 

Overall, an excellent meal. Next time I'll go when I'm sober.

Stirfried Fish Heads with Green Onions
These pictures were taken with my cellphone camera, so I apologize about the quality.

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