Hey Busan People! What's to eat down there?

Lee Jun Ki the famous Ladyboy from the Emperor and the Fool was born in Busan
Dear Busanites (people that hail from the Florida of Korea, Busan),

I got this letter from a traveler to Korea and I was hoping you could help me out. Any recommendations for eateries down there? I know that the Jagalchi market is the place to go and Heundae Beach has some great crab restaurants. Now are there hidden gems or must eat places down there? Oh, and I've heard about black goat in Busan. Does that exist? Is it good? Please help us out!


Here's the letter from Emily.

Hi Daniel,

I know you're all about the Seoul culinary scene, but I'm emailing you
in the off-chance you might have heard of recommendations for
restaurants in Busan as well. I'm going on a short vacation there the
end of the month, and I'm looking for some recommendations.

I'm particularly looking for a nicer happy hour at a hotel or a
quiet/romantic dinner with a nice view. I'd like quality food with
price really not being an problem. Oh, and a nice wine list too!

Thanks for any suggestions you might have!


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