Suji's Restaurant and Bar and Restaurant in Itaewon are serving up some scrumptious deli sandwiches and they have a great Terrace as well. Here are some food porn shots of the food:

This Friday Night at 7pm let's have a Seoul Eats Meet-up to have dinner. Suji's has been kind enough to give us 2 pitchers of beer for free, now I just need help drinking them. We are going to pay dutch, so you're just liable to pay for your own food.

Also, those that think Suji's is too expensive, I learned that they have actually dropped their prices by 30% in the last year, so it's not as expensive as you may think. If you are going to come, please let me know.

Also, those that are interested in learning how to cook Korean food, we have a few spots open for our Dakgalbi cooking class on Saturday at 4pm at the Korea House near Chungmoro Station exit 3. If you would like to come, please e-mail me at seouleats at gmail dot com or call at 010 6661 7769.

Cheers and Happy Eating,


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