Black Chicken on Samgyetang Day at Korea Samgyetang Restaurant

Whole Fried Chicken
Yesterday (July 19th), was Cho-bok 초복: the hottest day of summer. On this day it is customary to eat Samgyetang (Chicken and Ginseng Soup.) During this time, you'll find most Samgyetang restaurants packed. Koreans eat this dish because it is supposed to relieve fatigue from the blaring hot sun. It might do that, I don't know. What I do know is that I love eating this dish because it's like a mini Thanksgiving Dinner with chicken soup. It's a mutant fusion dish like my favorite submarine sandwich from Delaware: the Bobbie. This is a sandwich with pulled turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, mayonnaise and tons of black pepper. This dish is like that because it has a whole young chicken stuffed with Asian stuffing (rice, chestnuts, ginseng, and ginko) and Asian cranberry (jujube).

There are three days of Cho-bok (the 3 hottest days of summer). The next one will be on July 29th (according to Chinese Calendar) and the last cho-bok will be on August 8th. The days of chobok change according to Chinese Calendar.

This post is for all those that wanted to know what Black Chicken looked like from a previous post.
Sides: Radish Kimchi, Cabbage Kimchi, and raw garlic
Black Chicken Samgyetang
Take out all the bones and make a porridge with your black chicken samgyetang
Restaurant Name: Kuryeo Samgyetang
Location: City Hall
Number: 02 752 9367
Directions: Go out City Hall Subway (Line 1,2) and go out exit 10. Walk 3 minutes and it'll be on your right.

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