Three Rounds of Drinking on a Saturday Night

After living in Korea for 5 years, I think my liver has gotten
stronger. On Saturday Night, I met some new friends and we decided to
get to know each other better over drinks.

We first went to Ong Haeya in Hyehwa. Cute place, but almost
impossible to find in the dark corners of Hyehwa (Go out Hyehwa
station exit 1 and cross the street and then head down the alley
before Coffee Gurunaru actually just say 옹헤야 오디예요?).

Spacious and new, this place has decent food. It's spicy and the jeon
(savory pancakes) were big. I liked their bossam (but they didn't
serve it with brined kimchi) and I also liked the binddaetteok (mung
bean pancakes). It's not like the most amazing place, but it is
passable and the service made up for the above average food.

At 옹헤야, we had Scorched Rice Wine (누룽지 막얼리). Good stuff, or I
thought it was. A person having it for the first time described it as

For round two we went for dried snacks and cola-soju bombs at Dakjee
Jeegee. This is one of my favorite hole in the walls because the roof
leaks when it rains and they have classic Korean rock music playing and
antiques and posters all over the place. It's a kitchy place that has
been around for ages. Oh! They have a breathilizer there. We all
tested our breath. I failed.

Round Three was at the Grand Hyatt and I don't remember much of it because it was quite late. I
do remember that the band, Transit, was quite good.
I got home at 4am after a night of dancing and being with friends. I remembered to drink my conditioning drink (Dawn 880), so I didn't have a hangover.

옹헤야 Ong haeya
02 766 9596

딱지치기 dakjee Jeegee

Out Hyehwa Station Exit 1. Cross the street and make your way down some alleys.

I wish Dawn 880 would sponsor my blog!

Disclaimer: I in no way endorse others to drink. Please drink responsibly. Although, this post looks like I drank a lot, it was in a social setting and it is not something that I do everyday. Bar hopping from place to place is a way that friends in Korea get to know each other better.  I am sorry if I offended anyone. Thank you for your concern.

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