Volunteering at a Korean Halfway House

Once a month, I try to volunteer at a halfway house for Korean kids. We go there and cook lunch for the kids, help clean the building, and play with the kids. It's a very rewarding day and something I look forward to doing. This venture is organized by my friend Hoya and she is a fabulous cook that always comes up with very inThere are many volunteer organizations in Seoul and I recommend that you get involved.

If you are interested in volunteering with Hoya, they meet the last Sunday of each month and they meet at Beomgye Station (Line 4). They meet at 10am at the station and usually they stay until 2 or 3pm. They ask for donations of 20,000 won and this includes lunch. If you are interested, you can send Hoya an e-mail here (hihoya at hotmail dot com). Be sure to mention:

That you found about volunteering from me.
Years of being in Korea:
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