Homebrewing Class and Beer Tasting this Saturday, July 11th

Hello Everyone!

I'm happy to say that our first Homebrewing glass was a success. Lot's of good times, good questions, and great people.

O'ngo Studios, however, is moving to a bigger and better location. So, we'll be squeezing in one more Homebrewing class before they do. This time, as so many people requested, we'll be doing it on the weekend!

Like last time, we'll be going through the process of making beer by making a batch. There will also be a beer tasting to illustrate concepts like "body" and "mouth-feel".

Total class-time will be 3 hours. The schedule is below:

Hour 1: A slideshow and explanation of beer terminology, equipment, and what will happen on a typical brewing day.

Hour 2: We will begin making our batch of beer with a step-by-step account of what's happening and why. In-between adding our ingredients, we will also be doing a tasting of 3 beers; all high-quality and available in Korea.

Hour 3: We will bottle a previously made batch of beer. You will be able to take this beer home!

In addition, you'll be able to get 10% discounts to the major brewing equipment suppliers for your first set of equipment.

You can find contact information and how you can sign-up for the course on the Facebook Events page here.

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