Real Vietnamese Food in Korea at Dieu Hien Quan

Dieu Hien Quan: Authentic Vietnamese in Ansan
If you are craving real Vietnamese food I suggest you head to Korea's multicultural city: Ansan (Subway Line 4). Because many of the large Korean firms have factories here, there is a large immigrant population. You'll be able to eat authentic Vietnamese, Thai, and Malayasian Food. You'll also see unusual food stuff for sale in the city such as Durian, cilantro, and basil. It's worth the trip.

One of my favorite places to visit is Dieu Hien Quan because they have the best pho in all of Korea. Seriously, they do because the broth is the best and they add lots of fresh herbs like basil and cilantro.
Dieu Hien Quan: Interior Shot
Saigon Beer
They have a selection of Vietnamese beers as well. I really like the Saigon Special Lager (the green bottle here). It had a very refreshing flavor.

Click to read more for directions and for...frog legs.

Beef and Rice Noodles
We started out with the 1-11: Bun thit bo xao or Fried Beef and Rice Noodles. A good dish, but a bit messy with the large quantity of noodles that they give you. The Fish Sauce really made this dish.
Vietnamese Duck? Meh. Not here.
Next we had the Duck. Meh. The Vietnamese are known for Pho, not for Duck and for good reason. This dish had bits of bone doused in oil. The duck was tough and difficult to eat because of all the bones. A fail at the restaurant- I don't recommend it.
Frog Legs
The surprise of the day was the frog legs 12-01: Ech xao lan (Frog Fries). You get a large plate of frog legs that have been stir-fried with yellow curry. It was a delight to nibble the meat off the bones. So what do frogs taste like? aquatic chicken. The next time I'm watching a world cup game, I would like a plate of these to nibble on.

Dieu Hien Quan
Restaurant Type: Vietnamese
Location: Ansan
Telephone: 02-493-3756
Specialty: Pho, Frog Legs, Vietnamese Beer
Directions: Go all the way down to Ansan Subway line 4. Go out the main exit to the main drag of the city. I believe it's the second street to the left.

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