Durga: The Best Indian Food is Made by the Nepalese

Durga in Seoul: Indian Food
Durga and Everest are my go-to places for Indian Food. Ironically, they're not Indian, but Nepalese. Sure there are "authentic" Indian places in the city, but I often feel the flavors there are a bit muddy. Also, overdosing on Indian Buffet is a sure way to make the food less special- especially since when I was a poor college student that's what my friends and I often did.

The food at Durga is bright, hearty, and flavorful. The bread seems to be always right out of the oven. You can tell a good naan, if it tears right away and leaves a trail of steam. I have been disappointed by naan in the past to know when the bread is right out of the oven and one that's right out of the microwave (microwaved naan is closer to rubber than bread). I got the Palak and a Spinach Curry (I can't remember which one, but I think it was the Malai Kofta). Both were excellent and we had to order more naan to sop up all the delicious sauce.
Tomato Rose at Durga: Seoul
We also ordered a salad, but next time I think I'll ask them to leave the dressing off. I don't think honey mustard is Indian. I have to say the salad presentation was very nice.
Chicken Palak
The Paneer (Indian Style Cheese) was delicious and it had nice body in the sauce. It was actual paneer and not tofu (sorry, but Agra in Itaewon actually tried to pull this trick on me...worst Indian restaurant ever...).

Oh, and the nicest thing was that we went into the restaurant at 10pm on a Saturday Night. We were the only people in the restaurant, but the host and server was very welcoming and friendly. They didn't try to rush us out and it was a wonderful end to our Saturday.

Open from 10:30-11pm
Recommended: Palak Paneer, Chicken Vindaloo, Malai Kofta
Prices: Mid-range
Directions: There are 4 Durgas. I went to the one over by Jonggak. Go out Jonggak Station Exit 4. Make a left behind the giant temple thing and you'll see it on the 2nd floor to the left.

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