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Hi everyone, I hope you are doing well on this dreary day (It's raining for the umpteenth day in Seoul...) I wanted to share with you a story that I wrote for The website is an in-depth website into Korean food. It has great columns and pictures. The story I wrote for the site was on Korean Street-Cart Food. Here it is. Enjoy,


Korean Street food epitomizes Korea.It is mobile. It is fast. It is fun. And the people who make it embody the “Spirit of the Hungry”: the never say die attitude to survive in a competitive society. You’ll see these carts everywhere and they are all working hard to feed a nation of taste-obsessed citizens. One tiny cart that is only the size of a golf cart holds a plethora of tasty tidbits. You have lightly battered fried sweet potato, fried cuttlefish, fried dumplings, fried shrimp, battered and fried hotdogs, and vegetable fritters.

The fried hotdogs look similar to ones that you might find on Coney Island. A wiener is impaled with a chopstick and then battered in a flour batter. The breading on these dogs is fluffier than ones you might find in the states. Also you might find them encrusted with crinkled French fries or even ramen! The hotdog is then dressed with red, red ketchup.

On the street, anything can be fried. You might find a rod of rice cake that has been battered and deep-fried or, my favorite, a tornado potato. It’s one potato that has been spiral cut so it looks like an oil drill. This downward spiral-looking snack is seasoned with salt or powdered cheese and it tastes like a potato chip.

To the side of this magical street food car, one might find a large, thick boa constrictor-like sausage called sundae. This purple snake is chock full of glass noodles and pig’s blood.

Go to the website to read the rest of the article and to see the pictures. Leave a comment! Thanks!


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