Grandmother's Knife-cut Noodles

Grandmother's Knife-cut Noodles
In the back alley of Jongno 3-ga, you'll find Grandmother's Knife-cut noodles. The place has been around for 20 years and it's the most popular knife-cut noodle shop in the area- which is surprising because it looks like a dump. It looks like a shanty with seats, but maybe that's because they have been so busy for so long that they haven't had a chance to fix it up.

Even though it looks like a shanty, the place is McDonald's efficient. Once you sit, your order is taken and 2 minutes later you have a piping hot bowl of noodle soup.

They have only two things on the menu: Knife cut noodles or Knife Cut Noodles with dumplings (sujebi) (In the summer they have Kongguksu: Chilled Soybean Milk Noodle Soup.)

Everything costs 4,000 won (about $3.50) for a humongoid bowl of noodley goodness. Kimchi is included.

Name: Halmoni Calguksu
Phone Number: ???
Website: ???
Directions: It's on the back streets of Jongno. If you go out exit 3 and go straight, make a left past barbecue restaurants until you come to a shop on the left with a huge crowd of people eating and an open kitchen where you see women cutting noodles. You'll probably see the women wearing pink aprons.
Got Kimchi?
Trust me, one bowl of calguksu is enough
Whatcha Looking at^^

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