Photoblog: Brunch and Pizza at NOA in Haebangchon

Let's try something new today: a Photoblog post, but first a quick word. NOA is a cute little bistro run by a couple of foodie chefs. I never really see it very busy (it might have to do with location) but the food is good and I like the effort the crew is making to make things work. I would definitely go back.
noa: nice interior
A little appetizer the chef cooked up since we were the first (and only customers on this Sunday morning). It was tart, spicy, greasy and crispy. Oh, and vegetably- quite good.
A Mad Foodie Designed the place!
The Lamp Shades are recipes
Gargonzola Pizza with honey dipping sauce. The thin crust was homemade and crispy. I wish they put a tad less cheese for it took away from the wonderful crust.
I got the massive English Breakfast. It was big and absolutely ordinary, but that's what I expected. I wanted protein and grease because I had a rough night the night before.
Oh, and it was cheap (10,000 won!!!)
Yes, there are tomatoes. They are cherry tomatoes.
Oh, and of course you have to have pickles with the pizza. This was made from daikon radish.
NOA: New Bistro
Directions: Go out Noksopyeong Station Exit 2 and walk all the way down and along the kimchi pots. You'll see it on the left as you walk towards Haebangchon.

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