Mexi-Korean! Thursday Night Dinner Party at O'ngo Culinary School

O'ngo Culinary School, Seoul Korea
The new O'ngo Food studio opened last week and we enjoyed a week of classes and visitors to our new space. Last Thursday, we had a team building exercise class with a Franciscan Kindergarten in Seoul. They worked in teams and did a cooking competition. Over the weekend, we did tours and custom classes. One of the most interesting tours I did was with 9 members of the clergy from Alabama. This group was a ton of fun and boy could they drink.

This Thursday, we are going to start a Thursday Night Dinner Party (August 12, 2010) at our cooking studio at 7pm. You can come at 6:30 to watch us in action preparing the meal or if you would even like to help make some dishes. The menu for Thursday is going to be a Mexi-Korean Party.

The tentative menu is going to be:

Red Chili Chicken Tacos (Dakgalbi Tacos)
Mexican Pulled Pork Sliders
Korean Melon Salsa (Chamwei Salsa)
Mexi-Korean Mixed Rice (Spicy Bibimbap with Mexican accents)

Watermelon Soju Cocktails
Makgeolli Margaritas

Dessert TBA

Cost per person is 25,000 won and it includes all food and drink. Make your reservation by e-mailing me at seouleats at gmail dot com or by calling 02-3446-1607. Directions are below:

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