Canadian Thanksgiving in Seoul, Korea

Canadian Thanksgiving at Dragon Hill Lodge in Seoul, Korea

Dear Canuck Friends,

After my recent trip to Canada, I am almost ready to turn in my red, white, and blue for the red maple leaf. I found Canada to be a great food country full of great people and I learned a lot. Now I know that Canadian Thanksgiving is coming soon and I wanted to let you know that it is possible for you to get a cooked turkey from the base. Since we don't get vacation days off for Thanksgiving, so getting a cooked turkey or ham off the US military base might be a great idea. Instead of cooking, you can spend time with your country-people and have fun.

They are also great deals as well. For $99.95 US you get a whole turkey or ham with mashed potatoes, turkey gravy or bourbon sauce, beans almondine (green beans), dinner rolls, STUFFING, CRANBERRY SAUCE, and pumpkin pie. You can also get extra sides for only $3.95 a pound. They will deliver to most military gates. If you have a car the easiest one to get to is gate 10 CORRECTION GATE 17 (across from Ichon Station). I get mine delivered to gate 3 (right near Haebanchon's famous kimchi pot wall). They also have turkeys or hams ala carte for $49.95 and $59.95 US.

Call 02-738-2222 ext 6716 (If that number doesn't work, try 0505-738-2222 extension 6716)

Also, if anyone would like to help me organize a Canadian Thanksgiving Dinner at my cooking studio in Insadong, please contact me. We can hold 100-150 people, we have 4 ovens, and lots of tables so I think we could do a great thanksgiving party there. People could cook their favorites from home and do a potluck dinner. If anyone is interested, please contact me.


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