Pictures of Peggy's Cove in Halifax, Nova Scotia

I was lucky enough to meet up with a native Nova Scotian while I was in Halifax this week for the culinary world summit. Mr. Michael F. is the father of a friend of mine, Marie and he offered to show me around the city for the day. We first checked out downtown Halifax. Then we went to Opa! Taverna for a fabulous lunch. After lunch he was even kind enough to take me to Future Shop in Halifax to indulge in my technonerdiness. The highlight of the trip was heading to Peggy's Cove- a beautiful seacoast town. Here are pictures. Enjoy and be sure to visit Nova Scotia!
The Lighthouse on Peggy's Cove

Me and the Lighthouse
A Blue Boat at Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia
Lobster Cages at Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia
The Swiss Air Memorial at Nova Scotia

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