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Dear Seoul Eats Readers,

This year has been quite an adventure. The cooking school is going well and our company has many food related projects these days (whew, I might actually be able to take a salary one day). We have been promoting mainly through Facebook, Google, my blog, magazines, and other ways. I just recently discovered meetup and I think it's a great way to meet with the foodie community here in Seoul.

Our space is available to be used and we would like to invite you to take advantage of our space for cooking classes, dinner parties, and events. Did I mention we have ovens? If anyone is interested in doing a small dinner party or baking party, we would be happy to help you out. Our goal for the space is to develop a community in Seoul around food.

Join the Meetup Group here:

Also, our designer Michelle Min and programmer Robert recently put the finishing touches on our website. You can check it out here at
They did a great job.



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