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Bottoms up! Korean Soju Shots

I just wrote an article for Koreataste.org which has been kind enough to ask me to write for them on a regular basis. The site is one of the best sites I have seen so far for Korean food. It's new (It has only been open since August 15th), but it has a wealth of content on the site. I wish that I could make Seouleats that organized. Anyway, I'm a writer and I'm happy to write for them.

Here is an excerpt of the article. Jump over to their site to read the rest. Please vote (Give a Thumbs up!) and leave a comment. It makes the site administrators (and me) very happy.

When our company, O’ngo Food Communications (www.ongofood.com) started our night dining tours, our concept was to introduce real Korea to tourists and have them experience the culture through the cuisine. It has become our most popular tour with over 200 participants.

We start our tour around the shops of working class people around Kwangjang Market. As night falls, the busy streets become calm and craftsmen and shops turn off their lights and the business energy transforms into joviality as workers shake off the dust of the day’s toil over tin cups of rice wine and platters of fried, crispy potato latkes-like pancakes (bindaetteok).

Our guests that join our tour are very excited about Korea. It is an actualization of a dream for them. They have read about Korea from books and magazines, they have seen it on television and in movies, and they have heard about it from other travelers. They are optimistic, excited, and even a little scared.

Go here to read the rest with more pictures :)


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