My Favorite All You Can Eat Tuna Buffet in Seoul

Cactus Liquor with a Tuna Eye Ball at Lee Chun Bok Cham Chi
I have a confession.

I don't list all of the best restaurants on this website because there are some restaurants I would like to keep to myself. These places are very much for the locals, so don't go in there being all loud with your "English" and requests for forks and French-style service.^^ Go in and try to act like a local. So if I introduce this place to you, I hope that you'll be on your best behavior. Ok? Good.

Korean Tuna Buffets are some of the best eats in Seoul. You get as much white tuna, red tuna, and tuna belly as you can eat- along with tempura, sushi, salads, and kimchi. The one problem is that often the tuna is cooked semi-frozen. Now you can be patient and wait till it thaws or...I recommend you go to Lee Chun Bok Cham Chi (Lee Chun Bok Tuna).

The place is always busy, but don't worry, the wait is never long and it is always worth it. The place is boisterous and loud and full of energy. The chefs are edgy and crass- they yell at customers, break out randomly with song, drink (when offered), and slice thick pieces of Tuna sashimi until you feel you will burst. My favorite chef there knows exactly the cuts of tuna that I like, the type of alcohol I like to drink, and how to make sure I have a good time. He's a surly, rock star chef with a personality that is a mix of show and skill. And if you are really good, he'll give you a shot of cactus alcohol with a tuna eyeball in the bottom. Yep, you heard me: Cactus Alcohol with a Tuna Eye Ball.

Bon Appetit!

Lee Chun Bok Cham Chi
Down from Sookmyeong University Subway Station (숙대역) Exit 6.

The place is always busy

Abalone and Tuna Belly at Lee Chun Bok Cham Chi

More Tuna!

This was a special part of the belly that had ribbons of fat at Lee Chun Bok Cham Chi

Tempura (stick with the tuna) at Lee Chun Bok Cham Chi

Cute Couples on a date at at Lee Chun Bok Cham Chi

Cactus Alcohol with Tuna Eyeball at at Lee Chun Bok Cham Chi

The Tuna Eyeball being eaten at at Lee Chun Bok Cham Chi

at Lee Chun Bok Cham Chi

Prices at at Lee Chun Bok Cham Chi. I recommend you get the Chamchi Special (25,000 won)

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