OK2 Kitchen Revisited...Again and again and again

Sashimi Course at OK2 Kitchen Seoul, Korea

People ask me which restaurants do you go back to. Well, I go back to OK2 Kitchen- not because I like the place, but because I have to make sure that they are maintaining quality. I have to check out this restaurant over and over again because it's a service that I provide to the public- I need to make sure that other people that go to the restaurant have the proper experience. The other night I went with my friend Suji because I wanted to make sure that her food was going to be as good as mine. Yeah...that's why I have to keep going back to OK2 Kitchen^^


Fish Ball with fried basil and delicate shrimp at OK2 Kitchen Seoul, Korea

Horse Sashimi with soft poached quail eggs at OK2 Kitchen Seoul, Korea

Basil Clam Linguine at OK2 Kitchen Seoul, Korea

Omija Sorbet at OK2 Kitchen Seoul, Korea

Seared Duck Breast with Red Wine Sauce at OK2 Kitchen Seoul, Korea

Salted Chocolate Caramel Pudding at OK2 Kitchen Seoul, Korea

Marscapone Cannoli's at OK2 Kitchen Seoul, Korea

Brulee Banana Ice Cream Sandwich at OK2 Kitchen Seoul, Korea

OK2 Kitchen

Prices: Ala Cart: 14-36,000 won per dish. The lunch set (20,000, 35,000 won) and the dinner sets (50,000, 60,000 won) are recommended.

Directions: Go out Exit 1 of Itaewon Station and make the third? right (it's the one near the traffic light). You’ll see "Pacific Shopping” on the corner and OK2 Kitchen to the left.

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