Rice Cake and Pumpkin Latte and Magic Mushroom Tea

With a friend I went to Yoon Sook-ja's Rice Cake Cafe to enjoy a bit of afternoon tea with some rice cake snacks. I have worked with Yoon Sook-ja in the past and I find her an absolutely delightful person. Her rice cakes are works of art and they taste delicious as well. I had the mushroom tea (it's the dark tea below.) This tea had Korean dates (jujubes), pine nuts, mushrooms, and other stuff. I really don't recall the name of the drink but after drinking it I felt a bit lightheaded. Now, this could be because of all the late hours I have been putting in lately, but it also could have had something with the tea.

My friend's Pumpkin latte tasted like a Korean pumpkin. It didn't have espresso, so I don't think I would consider it a latte. It was more a steamed milk with pumpkin. I enjoyed it a lot more than the pumpkin spice coffee drinks in the states that have nutmeg and other craziness in it.

Oh, and if you have a question on which rice cake to get, I recommend the coffee one.

If you are in the Jongno area, you should check this place out.


Pumpkin Latte

Mushroom Tea

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