Kogi- The Food of the People by Alice Shin

Kogi's Famous Mexi-Korean Taco

These days I have been helping over at Korea Tourism's Website Koreataste.org to help them get articles for the website. One story I knew that I wanted to get was from the good people over at Kogi: the Mexi-Korean Taco Truck.

Luckily, they were receptive to the idea and their creative director Alice Shin was able to contribute a piece to the site. She wrote an article stating that Kogi is not Korean food; It is LA Food. You can see it here: http://www.koreataste.org/lang/en/en/magazine-en/columns-en/kogi-the-food-of-the-people

And here is an excerpt:

Kogi food is LA food. It’s not fusion; it’s not a gimmick; and it is certainly not a PR-driven endeavor that sprung from the minds of enterprising big thinkers.  It’s food that comes from the gut and the heartbeat of what makes LA, well, LA.
Alice, thank you for contributing to the site.



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