Letters to Seoul Eats: Kosher restaurant in Seoul?

Here is a very interesting question and one that I think requires some thought. I know that there are Kosher restaurants in Seoul, but not too many. Also, some of the restaurants such as Indian Restaurants that you would think would be kosher, sometimes are not. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Here's the Letter:
Mr. Gray:

A friend of mine, who is Jewish and Orthodox, will be visiting Seoul
on business.  I heard some time ago that a Kosher restaurant had
opened in downtown Seoul, but I have not been able to find any
description of it online.  Do you know if such a restaurant exists,
and if so if it is worth recommending?



Dear Joseph,

I know that Sultan Kebab and Petra's in Itaewon are kosher. Dubai and Arabia are kosher as well. I recommend Sultan, Petra's and Dubai. Now, one of my favorite places are the Nepalese places such as Everest and Durgas. Besides that I would recommend the vegetarian places and fish places. Balwoo in Insadong has excellent Buddhist Temple cuisine and I also like Fresh Start.

Cheers and Happy Eating,


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