Chez Simon Redux

Red Wine at Chez Simon in Seoul, Korea
Friday Night, I went back to one of my favorite French Restaurants in Seoul, Chez Simon. It was a good experience. The waitstaff was nice, the atmosphere was comfortable, and the food...well, familiar. It was good, but it was the same meal that I had at my previous visit (about 2 months ago). Plus, since it was prefixed, we couldn't change it, I felt a bit disappointed.

Chez Simon, was famous for having changing menus that utilized local, seasonal ingredients. There were some elements of this: fresh oysters topped with pear, peppers, and lemon and pumpkin soup whipped into a foam. The steak was just as it was before: cooked perfectly and with a minor flourish: a thin stalk of asparagus wrapped with bacon. The pasta was nice with the oyster mushrooms and roasted cloves of garlic, didn't blow me away.

The creme brulee, was excellent as before as well with its specks of vanilla, but it was what I had before.

I wish the chef had done something new. Next time, I guess I'll have to request it.

Chez Simon
Address: Seoul, Jongro-gu Samcheong-dong 63-10
Phone: 02-730-1045 Reservations recommended.
Directions: Go out Anguk Station exit 1 and make the first right and walk about 10 minutes until you get to Samcheongdong. Walk on the elevated walkway and you’ll see it up on a hill.
Oysters topped with Asian Pear, red chilies and lemon at Chez Simon in Seoul, Korea
Pumpkin Soup at Chez Simon in Seoul, Korea

Mushroom Pasta at Chez Simon in Seoul, Korea
Steak at Chez Simon in Seoul, Korea
Creme Brulee at Chez Simon in Seoul, Korea
 Chez Simon in Seoul, Korea
Chez Simon in Seoul, Korea

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