Mushroom Hot Pot with lemon-blanched clam rice, and yuzu dip

Food stylists live tortured lives. They have to make delicious looking food and then wait as photographers click shot after shot after shot. The food gets cold and it loses the vibrancy it once had to the camera. And on top of that, the food (something i just learned) is often not seasoned for it often clouds the broth.

Over the weekend, I helped with a food styling shoot and it made me want to eat Mushroom Hot Pot all week (Bosot Jeongol). My friend and business partner, Jia, did the cooking and I washed dishes and wrote down the recipe. The shoot was done at Elysian Ski Resort in Gangchon, which is a beautiful place. I'm going to have to go back there one day.
Mushroom Hotpot: Shitake, Oyster, Pine Mushrooms, and Enoki Mushrooms
Table Setting (we had to later iron the table settings)
Jia at work
Mushroom Hot Pot
Rice Topped with Lemon Blanched Clams

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