Open Thread: Here's what I ate this weekend, what did you?

Retro Oven Pain De Chocolate
It was an excellent foodie weekend as I had to quickly do some stories for a couple of writing assignments that I had so I had to stomp all over Seoul to get pictures, do interviews, take notes, and eat. Above, you can see the Pain de Chocolate from Retro Oven over by Gangnam-gu chong Station. It was flaky and delicious and oh, so chocolatey. You can see a picture of Chef Pack below holding up some of his other goodies. I also went to Flora in Hyojadong for some black bean calguksu- it was alright.

The highlight of the weekend was steamed shellfish at Gyomokgil!

I'll be putting the information on how you can find these places soon- but I have to get back to work for now.


Where did you eat? How was it?
Retro Oven's Chef Pack

Black Bean Kalguksu from Flora in Hyojadong
Black Bean Kalguksu from Flora in Hyojadong
Steamed Shellfish from Gyomokgil
Steamed Shellfish from Gyomokgil

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