Cheap Eats: Cup-o-chicken at Hong Cup

Cup of Spicy Chicken
How about a cup of fried boneless chicken chunks tossed with tater tots and fried rice cake? at Hong Cup in Hongdae,  Kim Ji-yeon is doing just that. The sauces are homemade, the beer is cold, and the cozy place is great for a quick late night snack with friends. Oh, and the price? It’s only 2,000 won for the small cup of chicken and beer is also 2,000- you can add a shot of soju to make so-maek for only 1,000 more. She even has a cheddar cheese chicken up on the menu (3,000 won)- I’m going to have to get that next time.

Hong Cup
Mapo-gu Seogyodong 365-16
Go out Hongdae Station Exit 9 (formerly 5) and make a left. At the main road make a right and walk to the road. Cross to the other side and make a left at Tony Moly down the little alley. It’ll be 2 minutes up on the left.
2,000-4,000 per person

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