Truffle and Avocado and Banana Macarons at Amandier

A Tower of Macarons
Macarons in Korea are pretty, but not often real macarons. They have the concept right, just not the texture and flavor. A true macaron is made with skill. Egg whites should be beaten to stiff peaks and then ground almonds or coconut is folded into the mixture and then baked. Inside it can have a filling, but the filling shouldn't be too gluey- it should be as light and as fine as the light disks around it.

You can take shortcuts and cheat on macarons by adding flour or corn starch, but this will make the macaroon taste bready. At first bite, the macaron shell should split and you should reach a sweet, airy, disk before you get to the soft cream. Each bite should be slow, for it should be a heavy dose of sweetness compounded by a soft texture.

Macarons are good carriers for flavors so often many variations are made.

Amandier, across from Insadong (Anguk Station Exit 1) makes their macaroons with skill. The Belgium baker, Jan Adrian, has a playful, coquettish nature and his macarons range from the standard: vanilla and chocolate; to the strange: banana avocado, olive oil, and truffle; and of course to the fabulously delicious: sakura strawberry and rose raspberry. Pick up a few or 10 the next time you walk by.

175-3 Jongno-gu, Anguk-dong 110-734

Directions: Go out Anguk Station (Line 3) Exit 1 and make a left.
Macarons at Amandier

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