Hyeri Art Village

These days I am feeling very artsy and with my camera I feel like I can capture some great shots. It's a Panasonic DMC G-2. My go-to lens is the 20mm with 1.7 aperture. I really like to play around with the different filters they have built into the camera such as "pure, expressive, retro etc. It's great for me since I am a lazy photographer: I don't like to photoshop. Anyway, I'll get back to food pictures soon, but here are a couple shots of my visit to Hyeri Art Village. It was made by the CEO of Crown Bakery. He has been buying up old "Love Motels" and he is converting them to art museums and artist communes. If you are a photographer, I recommend you head up to this place.
Snow Covered Guardian
Love Motels
Man and Wife

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