Lamb Chili Moroccan Sandwich at Casablanca

Lamb Chili Sandwich from Casablanca
I spent the day in search of the perfect sandwich and by nightfall, I had found it. One of the newest additions to Haebangchon is Casablanca. It has vampire hours for it opens at 5pm and closes at 9:30ish. They only do takeout for their most valued guests and, and, and ... all of this is moot for the sandwiches are delicious. If Chef Wahid said that I would have to hold my breath for 3 minutes while he stuck my hand in a tank with piranas, I...might actually do it. The lamb chili sandwich I had for dinner was a delicious. Flavorful ground lamb that melded with mouthfuls of potato, refreshing pops of lentil and chick peas, and a cool acidic dollop of yogurt. The bread was plush and the crunch of pickle and lettuce made this a sandwich to remember.

I think I'll go back there tomorrow to see what else I can try.

Casablanca in Haebangchon
Casablanca in Haebanchon
Chef Wahid

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