The Crew from PF Chang's Eats Korean BBQ

You'll also see me in the video.

Here's Alice's write-up:

Forgive me for the puntastic title. I couldn’t help myself. (To all my MAS students, I offer you my utmost apologies for breaking our cardinal rule).

Garlic. Fire. A touch of chaos. The trifecta that best describes Korean BBQ, in a nutshell. We landed in the semi-arctic tundra of Seoul and headed straight to Myungdong, an insanely busy shopping area that makes Times Square seem like a nursing home. The ever so gracious Daniel Gray, a food blogger and Korean cuisine expert, whisked us through the endless crowd to a traditional Korean barbecue restaurant. Finally. This was the meal I was looking forward to. We were in my motherland, and we were about to chow down on some inherently social food. A perfect way to kick off the visit.

One thing that I’d love to see at Pei Wei is a version of a Korean BBQ lettuce wrap. Chef Eric mentioned that they are toying with the idea, and I’m going to keep pushing for it. I’m sure he can recreate the same magic that we found in that smoky, chaotic and toasty tent. Now, where’s my Febreeze at?

So...according to the blog, hopefully we'll soon be seeing some Korean dishes at PF Chang's!


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