Gourmet de Coffee in the French Village

It is not often that I really dislike an establishment, but now, I feel like I must say something about about the cafe that I'm sitting in now. It's nothing special, just another cafe but they advertise that they roast beans to order and that they speak English, but it seems like all of that is false. It's a cafe, I have been to in the past and enjoyed hanging at but it seems a lot has changed- especially the attitude.

I was polite and asked the older woman behind the counter- I assume she is the owner if this was the same cafe as about 1 year ago and she said, huh? Then I repeated it in Korean and she didn't answer. Her assistant answered it had been here for 6 years. I was like ok. Then I asked what food was good here and she said, everything is good. I was like ok. I looked over the dessert case at the cakes and such and asked if they made them in house and she didn't answer anything. Her assistant said, no.

Since they were so helpful in helping me make a decision, I just ordered a subpar cappuccino and sat down to do some work. I took a picture of my latte and I was going to take a picture of the cafe, but the woman yelled at me to stop. I asked her why and she said, don't do it. Then said spoke in very rude Korean to her assistants that I was a strange foreigner that comes into the cafe and bothers her- not knowing that I could understand Korean.

Sorry, for the rant, but...save your money and don't go to Gourmet de Coffee. You can expect better service and better coffee at the Starbucks.

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