Namdaemun's famous King Dumplings

Namdaemun's Famous Handmade King Dumplings
If you happen to be walking around Namdaemun, you might notice that many people are carrying around steaming pink boxes. These boxes are most likely from Kamae Yeanal Son Wang Mandu (가메 엣날 손 왕 만두). The name translates as Kame Old Fashioned, Handmade,  King Dumplings. With a name so long, they better be good. The good thing is that they are. Inside the little shop, you'll see scores of people working together to churn out these mandu like elf cobblers making shoes. Every time they bring out new trays of handmade pork and kimchi mandu, crowds pounce- often buying 20 or 30 at a time.

What makes this place so popular is the fluffiness of the dumpling wrapper and the flavorful filling- either pork or pork with kimchi. The filling is also fluffy and delicious.

They are only open from 8am to 8pm and they are best in winter.


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