Guitarra Pasta at Antonio

Guitarra Pasta at Antonio
My good friend, Sebastiano at restaurant Antonio and I had a meeting last week and I was lucky enough to test out a new menu that he had. It was pasta made from a guitarra: a device that has many metal strings like a guitar that would be used to slice a sheet of pasta into noodles. It gives the noodles a square, edged cut and a smooth texture. The pasta he used was mixed with some squid ink to make them dark and then he tossed it in a buttery sauce with popcorn-like scallops and shrimp. The light sauce was complemented with the crisp asparagus and ripe tomatoes- a perfect spring pasta.

He also shared with me a glass of his homemade lemoncello and we finished the meal with a strong espresso.

Thank you Sebastiano for your hospitality.



Barunson Bldg., fl. 193-8, Cheongdam-dong Seoul, South Korea

Guitarra Pasta at Antonio

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