Nutbutter and a kick to the taco

My good friend Maggie Whittum of Seoul City Improv is currently preparing for a Improv tour of Canadian Tour Festival and she recently did an improv show in Beijing and she is directing a World Premiere Play "Suicides in Vegas". She is currently staying with me at my apartment, although I never get to see her because she is always so busy. I have a 3 bedroom apartment that I share with a roommate and Maggie took the small third bedroom that has a couch and giant TV. She sleeps on the floor because the couch is too short for her lanky, Coloradian Body.  The floor bed folds up around her and she has affectionately named her "Taco"

Maggie is the only person that I know that works that works more than I do in pursuit of her dream and so...she probably wants to sleep in every once in a while. Since I wait up very early, Maggie has asked me to give her a kick in her Taco to wake her up. That's what the sticker is about below.

Anyway,  I think we need to support the artists and Maggie has figured out a way to do it in a very delicious way. At the Seoul Improv Shows, she and her troupe, have been selling nut butter such as Almalicious, Ohio Buck Eye, My Nutty Honey, Granny's Treat, and Honey Chunk. They are all homemade and ultra delicious. I recommend you pick up a jar at the next improv show.

The other way that we can support Maggie is by going to the World Premiere Showing of Suicides in Vegas. Information on the show can be found here or just click on the picture below.

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