Korean Cooking in Australia

The reason that Jia and I decided to start a culinary school and a culinary tourism company was that we wanted to share Korean food and culture with others so they would in turn share what they learned from others.

One of our students at our school, Kim Forge was one of our earliest students and she took all of our cooking classes and tour offerings. This multitalented teacher is a professional curler and a cooking instructor in Australia.
She recently sent pictures of her teaching her Australian High School students how to make Korean seafood pancake and turnip salad. It looks like they had a great time.

Kim thank you so much for sharing Korean food with others.

Here is what Kim said:

Hi Daniel,
It’s Kim Forge from Australia emailing (I am using my work email this time). I want to thank you for sending me more resources on Korean cooking for my Food Studies students. I have meant to email you for some time, but have left it until now.

My year 10 students loved making the Radish Salad and Seafood Pancake. I invited many of my staff to sample our dishes and their comments were very positive. I also brought back some Honey /Citron tea and served that. It was a hit!!! (I can’t believe that I shared it). I have attached some of the pictures. My students have had 6 one hour lessons specifically on my culinary adventures in South Korea and Korean cooking. Needless to say many have now become keen an interested in trying more Korean food. Another project that I offer the kids is to study a country in depth and then prepare a dish from that country. Every student brings a different dish and we have a buffet. A boy in my class chose South Korea did a very good power point and made Bibimbap for us. I was very proud of him and wished that you could have been here to see what you have inspired me to do. Thanks very much.

I hope that this message finds you well and that our travels meet again.

Warm regards,
Kim Forge

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