Cappuccino at aA Design Museum

Cappuccino at Aa Design Museum
It is tough to survive in Korea as a cafe. Especially when a few cafes set the bar so high. Aa Design Museum started the whole trendy coffee/ furniture/ fashion space years ago in Hongdae (As seen here). Then they decided to start another one over by Samcheongdong and its concept is just as sleek and stylish as the previous one. The best new addition is the outdoor BBQ so you can have your wine or coffee with some freshly grilled meat.
The space is stylishly decorated with many authentic designer furniture, lamps, and other collectables. It's sort of a hodgepodge, but all of it works in this space- obviously, the designer has a discerning eye.

Now the cappuccino was topped with high with a dry foam and that foam was decorated in leaves made from the espresso. Not only was it pretty, it also tasted pretty good.

I recommend you check out this space. They have a light food menu, wine, coffee, beer and an awesome space.

Rating 2 out of 4 Stars

aA Design Museum
55 Sogyeok-dong Jongno gu 
02-722 1211

aA design Museum

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