Ippudo Ramen in Ropponggi, Tokyo

Ippudo Ramen, Japan
Ippudo Ramen
Ippudo Ramen is well known for being one of the top ramen shops in Japan. The noodles are slick and firm, the broth is salty and savory, the vegetables are crunchy and soft- it is simply a harmonious state of being- just one step in any direction could ruin the dish. The chefs know how to tread that line and they put out a consistent product every time. 

Actually, I noticed while I was here that there is a ramen shop in Hongdae that I had rated number one. I noticed that that shop basically stole the concept (and the recipe from Ippudo). The one major difference is the noodles- Ippudo's noodles are much more refined.

Excellent place. I recommend you check it out if you are in Japan. 

Ippudo Ramen Japan
Ippudo Ramen Japan
Ippudo Ramen Japan

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