Review: Breakfast at Hungry Dog in the HBC

Hungry Dog in Haebanchon
Hungry Dog is a dive bar turned breakfast and sandwich joint. It's the place to go after a long night of drinking. For example the Saturday morning I was there, there was a guy passed out at the bar drinking a beer as we enjoyed our breakfast.

 The food is pedestrian- pretty hearty stuff and the whole place has a diner feel to it. The food is hearty, greasy and home cooked by the staff. The coffee is dark (I think it's Tim Horton's) and you can get the Hungry Dog Breakfast (eggs, beans, tomato, bacon, sausage, potatoes and toast) for 8,900 won. The coffee was like 1000 won extra. Overall, not bad.

I can't say the service is fast. My friend ordered the pancakes and he got them 5 minutes after we had all finished our breakfast. The running joke that morning was...dude, you want a toast or a bean. When he got the pancakes, they were just ordinary pancakes- nothing special and not really worth the wait.

The kitchen needs to be more organized. They to set up everything better so food flies out of the kitchen. Looking into the kitchen, I noticed there wasn't a system for getting food out- there was just 2 chefs working individually instead of together. I think over time they will develop their own system of work. If not I think they might want to consider someone with some line cooking experience.

Hungry Dog
1 Star (out of 4): Diner-like atmosphere, slow service, good coffee, cheap.

45-13 1F, Yongsan-dong 2-ga, Yongsan-gu, 140-842 Seoul, South Korea

Directions: Subway: Line 6. Noksapyeong St. Exit 2
Bus : B 143, B 406, B 402 ----> Stop at Kyoungridan St.
B 730, B 420 ----> Stop at Noksapyeong St.

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