Saturday Cooking Classes

Dear Friends,

Good to hear from you. We took a break from the Saturday classes for a
while, but here is the new schedule.

Our Saturday Classes are designed for those looking for more
interesting Korean dishes and those that are currently living in
Korea. On Saturday, they are priced at only 55,000 won per session.
($50 USD). There is a 5 person minimum for the class. If you are
interested in signing up, please contact us at
or fill out our reservation form here:

June 18: Sushi Party at O'ngo Culinary School. Sushi Demonstration and Multi-course tasting 30,000 a person. Party is from 5pm-8pm RSVP at
June 25: Sundubu and Seafood Pancake

July 9: Andong Jjimdak and Banchan
July 16: Kimchi Fried Rice, Korean Soy Sauce Pickles made with
Cucumber and Onion
July 23: 3 Types of Panfried Pancakes: Chive, Chili Paste, Potatoe,
Sujeongwa (Persimmon and Cinnamon Punch). For this class you need to
bring your own bottle so you can take your drink home with you.

August 13: Marinated Galbi and Chive Salad
August 20: Vegan Doenjang Chiggae and Pan-fried Burdak with Chili sauce
August 27: Samgyetang and Banchan
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SKYPE: dlgray

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