Spicy Beef Galbijjim in Jongno

Spicy Galbijjim at Bujagalbi
My regular haunts in Korea seem to be split these days in the Jongno area and the Itaewon area because of my work and home- both areas are quite good for food. The other night I was in the mood for Kamjatang, but...one of my friends had an issue with sitting on the floor so we decided to check out this spicy galbijjim place I had been eying for a while.

The place is right out Jongno 3-ga Station exit 2-1, so not far from my work.

The interior is just regular. I think there were tacky Christmas lights hanging and the place had a few ajossis and ajummas having some food with soju- a pretty laid back place.

We ordered the Spicy Galbijjim and it came out pretty fast. The tender pieces of meat were tender on the bone and it sat in a blood red broth. In the broth was also some sweet potato noodles, rice cake, mushrooms and some minari (edible chrysanthemum). 

The food was spicy. Really spicy. Now, not spicy and flavorful and not spicy right up front, but spicy that lingered like a fused bomb.

Like I said, it was spicy, not really flavorful. I recommend you go to Dongin Dong for the real stuff.

1 Star
Jongnogu- Myo-dong

Directions: Jongno 3-ga station exit 2-1


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