Indian Lunch Set at Taj in Gangnam

Taj in Gangnam
Taj in Gangnam serves a good, ethnic lunch for only 10,000 won. The service and atmosphere are always nice and it's nice to have something other than kimchi and rice for lunch. 

Now they probably don't want me to tell you this and they'll probably change their policy soon, but they do allow substitutions. I got a chicken curry instead of shrimp just by asking. It's a good place to go for lunch.

Taj: Gangnam
Wosong Bldg 2nd floor Seocho-Dong Seocho-Gu Seoul 
Tel : 02)533-2693~4 / Fax : 02)533-2694
Directions: No. 2 subway line : Get off at exit 5 at Gangnam station. -> Turn right second alley. -> Go straight 50m.

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