CLOSED Le 75 in Hongdae More Information: Pictures, Prices, Address

Chef Mattieau at Le 75
King Crab at Le 75
I got to talk with Matthieau yesterday and he sent me some more information about his bar. The dishes are a la carte so they range from 25,000 to 55,000 a plate and it is a sharing plate that you can have with wine or beer. It's what I am naming a French Izakaya, because he is serving good food with wine or alcohol. The place is open from 6pm till whenever people start leaving.

The restaurant is on the top floor of the building. Here is the address:

마포구 서교동 331-21 4층 (우) 121-836 

The phone number is 02.324.5731 but he says he doesn't have a phone yet so you can call (ladies use it wisely.) his cell 010.4044.7510. I would call ahead to make sure he has reservations.

Directions are easiest if you go out Hongdae Station exit 5. Make a U-Turn and make a right. Cross the street and you'll see Le 75 on the top floor. On the first floor is a octopus restaurant (쭈꾸미) and on the 2nd Floor is Dune Restaurant.


Lemon Caviar at Le 75
Smoked Salmon at Le 75
Korean Beef at Le 75
Crab Cake at Le 75
The Kitchen at Le 75
Le 75 in Hongdae

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