Burgers at Maloney's in Gyeonidan

Mini Slider's at Maloney's Pub

The burgers at Maloney's pub are simply classic pub fare. The atmosphere has all the fixtures of an Irish bar (without a belligerent yet friendly Irishman). They have Guiness and Erdinger Beer on draft as well as bottles of good Rogue Stout. It seems to be a local handout because I saw quite a few regulars both times that I went.

The burgers are a bit grissly but they are moist and flavorful. The first time I went I got the mini sliders. These were good and actually quite filling. They reminded me a bit of White Castle Burgers because the bun is toasted.  And at 10,000 won with fries, it was pretty good value.

The second time I went I got the Mushroom and Swiss Cheeseburger. Also, very good. The bun was toasted and the mushrooms were sauteed and there was real, melted swiss cheese on the burger. 

The one thing I think they could improve are the fries. I mean they aren't crispy. The pub uses real potatoes to make them and I applaud them for that, but I like crisp fries. Either they should blanch them in oil first, freeze them and refry them or do store bought.

Maloney's Pub
2 stars out of 4 
Address: Itaewon 662
Phone: 02-793-7982
Homepage: blog.naver.com/maloneyspub

Mushroom and Swiss Burger at Maloney's Pub

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